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Plagiarism check

Several tools are available at TUL to detect plagiarism and to check academic papers:




  • recommended only for basic text checking, not suitable for checking scientific articles and other publishing activities
  • can be used by all students and staff of the university
  • checking is performed by software
  • usage is free of charge for the user
  • see more at


Similarity Check:

  • designed to check English-language scientific articles and other texts that have been assigned a DOI (unique digital identifier)
  • also allows the comparison of two documents with similar content (i.e. potential plagiarism)
  • The person who ordered the check (publisher, reviewer, university, etc.) pays the fee for checking individual documents. Information on prices can be found here.
  • For more information, contact Markéta Trykarová (



  • intended for checking theses in the STAG system