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Interlibrary loan service ✍

We will try to get you any article or book through the interlibrary loan service. You don't have to worry about anything, the loan and return takes place with us. Just apply using the form below.

The service is charged according to the following price list:

Price list

Contributions for payments are dealt with via internal transfers from the respective workplaces. If
the applicant is a student, then (following written confirmation from the department) internal
transfer from the confirming workplace occurs. Payment in cash may sometimes be made upon
receipt of the borrowed material or its copies.

If you are interested in interlibrary loan service, click on this link here and fill out the form (just in Czech).

For every successful loan request (ILS and IILS) 10,- CZK
Borrowing a book (ILS) within the Czech Republic 10,- CZK
Borrowing a book (IILS) within Europe (excluding UK
and overseas countries)
150,- Kč + 10,- CZK
Borrowing a book (IILS) from the UK
and overseas countries
400,- CZK + 10,- CZK
Copies of requested ILS (national) sources Per page 2,- CZK + 10,- CZK
Copies of requested IILS (international) sources Per ten pages 30,- CZK + 10,- CZK


tel.: +420 485 352 550
Opening hours
Monday – Friday:

8:00 am. – 3:00 pm,


Maximální povolená velikost souboru je 2 MB.