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Loans and returns

Borrowing and returning is possible at the loan desk, or at self-check (a system for self-service borrowing and return of absentee books). It is also possible to return using biblioboxes.

Registered users can borrow books, scripts, language textbooks, magazines, games, audiobooks, etc.
Documents that are on-site (marked with a red bar) are not lent outside the library. The loan period varies according to the type of document, the shortest is 7 days, the longest 2 months. The loan period can be extended twice. It can also be extended by phone, e-mail or through the reader's account.

You can easily view the library collection in our online catalog. In this catalog you will also find some digitized books from our collection.

You can also reserve documents (if they have just been borrowed) or order them through the reader's account (if you do not have the time or opportunity to find them on the shelves). After they are ready to be picked up at the loan desk (or at the branch, see below), we will send you an e-mail.

The reader's account keeps a history of your loans, in accordance with the GDPR it is then possible to set its deletion.


tel.: +420 485 352 559                                      
tel.: +420 485 352 549




These boxes allow users to return documents borrowed from any branch of the TUL library.

These boxes are located here:

1/ E2 building: 8:00 am. – 4:00 pm.
Address: Studentská 1402/2, Liberec 1, Czech Republic

2/ Harcov – dormitories – block C: card entry, non stop.
Address: 17. listopadu 586/6, Liberec 15, Czech Republic

3/ In front of UKN - Building H. In operation non-stop.
Address: Voroněžská 1329/13, Liberec 1

The books are sent into the main building every day with mail, so their return can take place the next day.




It allows you to borrow and return 140 titles on the P building. You only have a valid UKN registration, no debts, and a reader card with you.

You can find libcabinet at: Komenského 314/2, Kristiánov, 460 05 Liberec.