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Help with predatory journals ✍

Predatory journals abuse open access. They arise mainly to collect copyright publishing fees but don't make review process. But decisively don‘t support or develop scientific communication.

Characteristics of predators:

  • Aggressive practices, primarily unsolicited e-mails with offer of the publication.
  • Free riding on known journals names, very similar and interchangeable name abbreviation.
  • Interminate contact information, fictious editorial board.
  • Almost no impediments with publication (thesis of low level)
  • Defaulting with publication standards, no or fake review process
  • Minimal benefit for sharing of scientific knowledge.
  • The publisher's uncertain seat.
  • Very short time for publishing.

How to know the predators?

  • If they indicate the impact factor, they must be kept in the Journal Citation Reports database. Here you can verify the value.
  • With the thinkchecksubmit site, you can make sure that the journal you choose is the right one for publishing research results, so it is reputable and reliable.
  • You can also look at a presentation with an example of a particular predator journal (Journal of Engineering Technology - web1 and web2).


If you have questions, you suspect predatory journals or if you need advice about the predators, contact or

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