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Digitization of documents

The digitization department belongs to the specialized workplaces of UKN TUL. As part of the digitization process, the original printed documents are converted into their digital form. The resulting digital copies are then archived in a repository and made available through a digital library. They are available only in the library, resp. in the TUL premises (access is tied to the TUL IP address) and are not remotely accessible due to legal restrictions.

The digitization workplace is equipped with several types of book scanners with the appropriate software equipment for the processing of digitizers, and offers the following services:

  • digitization of books, magazines, articles, archives, etc.
  • digitization of own fund (by own choice or interest of users), to order or within projects
  • long-term storage of digitalized records in a repository
  • making digitizes available through a digital library
  • digitization of books for students with special needs

The Digitization Department cooperates in the protection of cultural heritage on various projects for the digitization of mainly historical collections. This is the so-called commercial digitization.

If you are interested in digitizing documents, do not hesitate to contact us and you can look at our catalog to select from our collection.


tel.: +420 485 352 475

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