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Citing Sources


If you want to cite some information, the basic rules can be found in the Czech standard ISO 690:2022 Information and documentation — Guidelines for bibliographic references and citations to information resources. The full text of the standard can be accessed:

  • For reading on selected computers in the main library and in the branch library within the ČSN Online database,
  • for consultation in the main library (see this link).

Each faculty may have additional specific requirements, so be sure to check your faculty's thesis guidelines.



Citation Methodology, 3rd ed. (in Czech) explains the basic principles of citation at TUL and includes templates and examples for citing various sources of information - from books and articles to websites, legislation, social media, datasets, etc. The methodology is available in two versions:

 If you are writing in English, please follow the Citation Guidelines. The e-book is available:



If you would like to simplify your work with citations, we recommend:

  • Zotero
    For texts written in English: TUL citation styles can be installed from this link. Click on the desired CSL file (this will download it to your PC) and then double-click on the downloaded file on your PC (this will install it on your Zotero). README here.

    For texts written in Czech: TUL citation styles can be installed from this link. Simply select the desired CSL file and it will download onto your PC. Then, double-click the downloaded file to install it in Zotero. See this link for the README.

  • Citace PRO



We are here to help you with your reference lists, provide consultations on citations, and train you on Zotero and Citace PRO, etc. Contact:
                    tel.: 485 352 554