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Price list

Price list of University Library Fees valid from 1. 4. 2018

Library cards: :

First issue free
First replacement issue 50,- CZK
Additional replacement issues (repeated loss – for each new library card) 150,- CZK
Lamination of library card 6,- CZK


Reminder per document per day 1,- CZK
Sending email reminder regarding approaching deadline for return of material 0,- CZK
Sending of first reminder via e-mail (the day after the deadline) 0,- CZK
Sending of second reminder via post (a month after the deadline) 15,- CZK
Sending of third reminder via registered mail (2 months after the deadline) 50,- CZK
Internal notification for the rectoral unit 50,- CZK


Documents issued before the year 1990 300% of the original cost
Documents issued after the year 1990 200% of the original cost


Self-service photocopiers

Services provided within the IILS and IILS:

Contributions for payments are dealt with via internal transfers from the respective workplaces. If
the applicant is a student, then (following written confirmation from the department) internal
transfer from the confirming workplace occurs. Payment in cash may sometimes be made upon
receipt of the borrowed material or its copies.

For every successful loan request (ILS and IILS) 10,- CZK
Borrowing a book (ILS) within the Czech Republic 10,- CZK
Borrowing a book (IILS) within Europe (excluding UK
and overseas countries)
150,- Kč + 10,- CZK
Borrowing a book (IILS) from the UK
and overseas countries
400,- CZK + 10,- CZK
Copies of requested ILS (national) sources Per page 2,- CZK + 10,- CZK
Copies of requested IILS (international) sources Per ten pages 30,- CZK + 10,- CZK

Database search/retrieval:

1 hour of work conducted by the retrieval specialist 160,- CZK

Digital Document Delivery:

1 digital A4 page 2,- CZK