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The university library provides a number of services for its users and for the public. One of the most widespread services is document lending. At UKN you can borrow books, but also: e-books, audiobooks, magazines, board games and more.

UKN provides TUL students with free access to paid databases. The full list can be found here.

Furthermore, UKN makes university qualification theses available in accordance with the current valid Rector's Directive No. 5/2018 Uniform Arrangement and Publication of Bachelor's, Diploma, Dissertation, Rigorous and Habilitation Theses. The full texts of the works are available in the online library catalog or in the DSpace repository.

The library also has a number of Czech and foreign periodicals. The loan period for these documents is one week (7 days), the latest issue is always full-time.


You can find their list in the sidebar.

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