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Guidelines for electronic publishing

In case of choosing the electronic form of publication, we recommend publishing through the university portal

Publishing options:

1. In what format do you want to publish?

  • a) HTML 5 - enables interactive and multimedia add-ons, the text is encrypted and protected against misuse; programming time approx. month; price 15 - 80 000, - CZK according to the complexity of the included elements (financing options can be consulted with Mgr. Jitka Vencláková,
  • b) PDF - publication time up to 1 week

2. How will the publication be made available?

  • a) without restriction - free for all
  • b) only to students and staff of the University through Shibboleth
  • c) for sale - the price is determined by the author (department); the commission for the company is 11.5% of the sales price excluding VAT; data for invoicing are always handed over by the library to the faculty at the end of the calendar year

How to do it?

  • a) in case of choosing the HTML 5 format, contact Bc. Jana Řípová ( You will be connected with the company's programmer, who will continuously consult the publication with you (he will recommend multimedia elements, prepare a sample chapter).
  • b) if you choose the PDF format, send the file and the title page (png format, resolution 216 x 288 px) Bc. Jana Řípová ( Add information about how to make it available (whether you want the publication free or only to students and staff or for sale)