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Publication format

Recommended settings for the most common publication formats:

Format Extent (mm) Upper/lower edge (mm) Left/right edge (mm) Suitable font size
 A4  210 x 297  27/35  27/27  11-12
 B5  176 x 250  25/34  25/25  10-11
 A5  148 x 210  20/27  20/20  10-11

 Authors can choose any format, however, it should be borne in mind that an atypical format can increase the cost of printing a publication.

  • Font size note: If the final format of your publication will be A5, B5, but you are writing the book on A4 (ie the print will be reduced), the font must be of sufficient size, ie readable after reduction. In these cases, a default font size of 14 is recommended.

Binding of the publication:

The basic division of bookbindings is into soft and hard. Hard bonds are more durable, but their production is more demanding and expensive. Therefore, the use of paperbacks has recently expanded, which has made it possible to reduce the cost of printing books. Furthermore, soft and hard bonds are divided into glued and sewn according to the method of connection.

  • V1 - sewn (in the spine the book block is joined with staples) - binding suitable for publications with a low number of pages (up to 100)
  • V2 - paperback (book block is glued)
  • V8 - hardcover

Output format and quality of printed materials:

Submit the print materials to the printer in .pdf format. Word files are not suitable - they can cause problems because opening them on another computer can reformat the document.

The envelope must be supplied with crop marks, with a width including the spine and with an overlap of the colored background (so-called drop, usually 3 to 5 mm).

Pdf files must be in CMY color and images must have sufficient resolution (at least 300 dpi). The higher the resolution of the images or photos, the better their print quality.

VPT can help you convert text to printable pdfs. VPT can also provide a graphic design for the cover (or even the entire publication).

Page numbering:

For a publication without a title, you start numbering the text with the number 3 (page 1, ie the title page, and page 2 with the ISBN are not numbered, but counted!). Note: The page number is not inserted either on the page with the dedication or photograph at the beginning of the publication (the first text page then bears the number 5), nor in the imprint at the end.

  • Note: The new chapter should ideally start on an odd page.

Year of publication and ISBN:

The year of publication and the ISBN are indicated on the back of the title page. Indicate the year of publication in the sentence "Published by the Technical University of Liberec in xxxx.". Enter the ISBN number in the form: ISBN 978-80-xxxx-xxx-x, ie. with ISBN abbreviation and without colon.


The imprint of the publication, usually placed at the end of the publication, must contain (according to Act No. 37/1995 Coll. on non-periodical publications):

  • title of the work
  • the names of the authors whose works are included in the publication
  • the name of the publisher and its registered office
  • year of first issue, if known
  • in the case of translated works, the original title of the work and the designation of the edition from which the translation was made
  • identification of the copyright holder
  • ISBN
  • the name and registered office of the producer of the publication and the year in which the publication was published

It may also contain:

  • issue number
  • number of pages
  • the amount of costs
  • editors etc.

A barcode must be inserted on the back of the envelope (generated ISBN - ISBN generator here).

RIV essentials: 

If you want to enter the publication in the RIV, do not forget the formal attributes of the book:

  • references to literature in the text
  • list of used literature
  • summary in at least one world language
  • possibly note-taking apparatus and bibliography of sources
  • ISBN

The exact requirements that the book must meet can be found in the current Methodology for Evaluating the Results of Research Organizations and Evaluating the Results of Completed Programs available here on the website.