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1. Frequently asked questions from readers

2. Prices and payments

3. Who and how can register?

4. What about graduation and exit sheets?


How many books can be borrowed?
The number of all borrowed documents is limited to 30.

For how long is it borrowed?

  • Journals (except for the latest issues, they are only full-time) and games - 7 days
  • Books and others - 30 days
  • Script and textbook - 60 days
  • All loans can be extended twice, but unless the information source is reserved by another user.

How do I renew my book?
Click on the OPAC catalog -> in the upper right corner on Log in -> after logging in, click on My account -> Loans -> Extend in bulk

Is it possible to borrow a book from the stock?
Yes. The preparation of the order - bringing the book from the stock - depends on the workload, it is usually 3 - 15 minutes.

Do you lend standards in the library?
No, the standards are only available in person.

How long is my registration valid?
Registration is valid for one year. After its expiration, it is possible to extend it, in case of inactivity, we will cancel the account after two years.

What does mean the red stripe that affixes some books in the study rooms?
The red bar means only full-time borrowing (intended for study in the library only).

I forgot my ID, can I borrow the book anyway?
You can, all you have to do is have another ID with you and you will remember your PIN.

Can I borrow a book for someone else?
No, books can only be borrowed on your own account.

Can I return the book for someone else?

Can I return loans elsewhere than in the library?
Yes, books can also be returned at the branch in building E2, but also to the library cabinet in building P or via biblioboxes.

How long can I pick up the order / reservation?
The next day after you receive an e-mail confirming the order / reservation.

I don't agree with the fine, can I appeal somewhere?
In this case, the library rules apply here (in czech).

Can the author pick up the final thesis after some time?
By the decision of the director, the final theses stored in UKN are not published, but it is possible to view them online using Portara and Dspace.

I destroyed or lost a book, what should I do?
First of all contact us at: .

Can I donate books to UKN?
Yes, you can.


What about prices and payments?
All prices and payments in UKN are listed in the price list here.


Who can register and how?
All info on how and who can register can be found here at the link.


What about graduation and exit sheets?
At the end of their studies, we confirm to the students on the loan lists that they have returned all the books and paid any fines. All you have to do is come to the information in the main UKN building or to the branch with the faculty's exit list. You can continue to visit the library even if you have completed or interrupted your studies at TUL. 
(output sheets can be found on the Czech version of the page here)