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Digital library DSpace 6.3

The institutional repository of the Technical University of Liberec uses the DSpace 6.3 open source platform. It is used to store, store, access and archive various types of digital documents in a variety of formats. These are mainly theses, rectorate materials and university libraries, journals, proceedings, teaching materials and publishing activities of TUL authors.

It was put into operation in 2014. At present, 63438 documents are stored there (as of 7 March 2019).

It is listed in the directories of academic and scientific repositories such as OpenDOAR (Open Directory Repositories) and ROAR (Registry of Open Access Repositories).

The TUL repository uses a simple metadata standard to describe the stored records and Dublin Core files.

Search for the appropriate information - title, author, subject, publication date, and so on.

The repository includes the final theses from 1956 to the present, including freely available full texts. Since January 2019, the import of university theses from the information system of the study agenda of the Technical University of Liberec IS / STAG has not been applied.

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For more information, if you are interested in archiving, please contact Mrs. Markéta Trykarová ( or contact this link.